1. Placing a Bet.
    • Pre-match bets are placed before the start of an event. After the start of an event, all unmatched bets are canceled and the funds are returned to customers’ accounts.
    • Live bets are placed from the start to the end of an event. In case of waiting for information about the markets, the acceptance of bets can be suspended. Unmatched bets remain in the markets until canceled by users or by the company when calculating the markets.

  2. Settlement and Resettlement of Markets. 
Markets will be settled in accordance with the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of the Company (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules”). Where the Rules do not specify how a market will be settled, markets will be settled on the official result regardless of any subsequent disqualifications or amendments to the result. An exception is if an amendment is released within 24 hours of the initial settlement of the relevant market in order to correct an error in reporting the result. If no official result is available, the result will be determined by the Company using information from independent sources. In such cases, if any new information is released within 48 hours of settlement, the Company shall decide either: (i) to reinstate and resettle the market in light of this new information; or (ii) to wait for further information before reinstating and resettling the market. If the Company has not announced that it is waiting for further information, any information released more than 48 hours after a market has been settled shall not be considered. In the event of any uncertainty about any result, the Company reserves the right to suspend settlement of any market until the uncertainty can be resolved. The Company reserves the right to void any market if the uncertainty regarding settlement cannot be resolved to the Company’s satisfaction. Pre-match bets are generally settled after the event. The Company may settle (or part-settle) some markets before the official result is declared (or may increase a customer’s ‘available to bet’ balance based on the minimum potential winnings of that customer on a given market), as a special favor to the customer. However, the Company reserves the right to amend the settlement of a market in the following cases: (i) the official result is different to the result on which the Company initially settled the market (e.g. a horseracing result being changed shortly after a race); or (ii) if the whole market is eventually voided (e.g. for an abandoned event). The Company reserves the right to resettle a market if it was settled in error. If the Company resettles a market, this may lead to amendments to customers’ balances.

  1. Non-runners, Withdrawals and Disqualifications. 
The Company has the right to void bets under the terms and conditions of the betting exchange or, as an exception, under the Rules. If a team or competitor is disqualified, withdraws or is penalized after the start of an event, they will be deemed a loser providing at least one other team or competitor completes the event. If no team or competitor completes an event, which has started, then all bets will be void except for bets on any markets, which have been unconditionally determined.

  1. Abandonments, Cancellations, Postponements.
With regards to any match, game, event, race, etc. that is still to be completed three days following the originally scheduled completion date, all bets on markets for this event will be void, with the exception of bets on markets that have been unconditionally determined. In relation to any tournaments and competitions etc.: If the event is not completed within three days of the scheduled completion date, then any markets relating to the event will be settled in accordance with the official ruling of the relevant governing body, providing such a decision is given within 90 days after the scheduled completion date. If no official ruling is announced in this 90-day period, then bets on any markets relating to this event will be void, except for bets on any markets which have been unconditionally determined. If a market is to be voided but has been part-settled, then such part-settled bets will be void and all bets on the market will be canceled.

  1. Miscellaneous
All information is provided by the Company in good faith. The Company accepts no liability for any errors or omissions in respect of prices, competitors, schedules, scores, results or general statistics. The Company reserves the right to correct any obvious errors and shall take all necessary steps to ensure markets are administered with integrity and transparency. The company reserves the right to suspend the market and to void all bets taken on the market in the following cases: If an incorrect team or competitor name is displayed (excluding minor spelling mistakes) The incorrect number of teams, competitors or outcomes is displayed in any market. A market is uploaded on to the website using incorrect information or includes any obvious error. Customers are responsible for the selection of the outcome on which they place a bet. The Company reserves the right at any time in its sole discretion to suspend an Exchange market without suspending any corresponding or related betting markets, or to suspend or terminate a betting market without suspending any corresponding or related Exchange market. The Company may, in its sole discretion, decide to suspend betting on a market at any time, even if such suspension is earlier than anticipated by the Rules. In order to maintain the integrity and fairness of a market, the Company may also void certain bets in a market or void a whole market in its entirety. Some related or corresponding bets placed on the Company’s Betting Exchange and Sports book may be voided for one product (either the Exchange or Sports book) in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Company, while bets on the other product may stand. The Company is not liable in the event that one or more bets on the Company’s products are changed or voided in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Company, even if other corresponding bets remain in effect, even in the case that customers specifically placed bets on one product in order to place a related bet on the other product. The company reserves the right at any time to cancel any unmatched bets to protect the safety of customers. On the settlement of any market, amounts relating to winnings and losses on bets, as well as commission charges, will be rounded up or down to the nearest two decimal places.

  1. Access to the Betting Exchange and the Cancellation of Bets. 
The Company may restrict the customer’s access to the Betting Exchange, cancel the customer’s betting offer, void any bets to the account, cancel any unmatched bets or cancel or void any outstanding or matched bets in the following cases:
  • There is a technical failure
  • There is a suspicion that the customer’s actions may breach the Rules or that the customer is acting fraudulently.